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Revisiting Harun Pottery & Homestay, Sayong, Perak

Remember Muzium Labu Sayong? We wrote about this fascinating place not too long ago. Recently, we had the pleasure of revisiting this place again.

This time, our son Ashraf expressed his interest in learning how to make labu sayong. My wife and I were excited to watch him learn. Of course, I made sure to bring my camera to capture the experience.

Kampung Kepala Bendang, Sayong, Perak, is the birthplace of labu sayong. Truly a beautiful village.

I was so captivated by its beauty that I stopped several times to take pictures. The picture above was taken from the car. I opened my window, aimed my camera, and snapped!

The morning light gave the village a serene and peaceful atmosphere, which was a different experience from our previous visit in the evening. It was great to see this village at a different time of day.

Getting to the village from the town of Kuala Kangsar was not difficult. There were many signboards that guided us along the way, and it was easy even without the aid of Maps.

We crossed the Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah bridge, turned right, and continued straight for 2 kilometres before turning left to enter the village.

Although it has been about a month since our visit, I still remember seeing a school on our right as we entered the village, where kids were playing football on the field.

I took pictures of the paddy fields right after passing the school. And we passed many labu sayong workshops after that too, both big and small, but most of them were still closed. We were early.

We arrived at Harun Pottery & Homestay 15 minutes later. Don’t get confused, Muzium Labu Sayong and Harun Pottery & Homestay are one and the same.

If you want to find the exact location, it’s best to search for Harun Pottery & Homestay on Google.

En Harun was his usual friendly self and displayed great professionalism. Before the start of the lesson, he played a short video that explained the history and techniques of making labu sayong.

However, since Ashraf was still a child, he was taught how to make a simpler clay product instead of labu sayong.

The lesson lasted around 30 minutes, during which I found it quite therapeutic to watch. It seemed like Ashraf enjoyed playing with the clay too.

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