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Family Fun at Tanjung Ketapang & Tanjung Emas, Muar

Tanjung Ketapang and Tanjung Emas are two family-friendly places in Muar that I love to visit. They are clean, have lots of trees, and offer amazing views.

Tanjung Ketapang is a great place to go for a run. I can easily cover a 6 km distance while jogging there. There’s also a golf course and a mangrove park. Occasionally, you’ll see monkeys roaming freely here. Don’t worry, the monkeys here are friendly.

And there are two playgrounds. Since these playgrounds are located at the end of the park, not many people visit them, so we seldom bring our kid here. Tanjung Ketapang is also famous for its beautiful sunset view.

Tanjung Emas is another great place to visit with family. It has two playgrounds, a spacious pedestrian pathway by the Muar River, and a boat service that cruises along the river.

The food court at Tanjung Emas offers a variety of delicious Muarian dishes, such as Mee Bandung, Asam Pedas, ABC, and Lai Chi Kang. My favourite stall is Ah Tee Yong Tau Foo.

In the evening, around 4 PM onwards, you will see a few sellers in the square at Tanjung Emas selling toys and renting out toy cars. This makes it a great place to hang out with kids.

And at night, Tanjung Emas comes alive, lit up with beautiful lights. The toy sellers will still be here, and the square will be as lively as it was during the daytime, with families and their kids enjoying quality time together.

Clean and well-equipped public parks are important. I am grateful that Muar has these. Communities benefit from parks because they provide a safe gathering place for residents to enjoy nature. Parents can oversee their children’s play, and everyone can improve their mental and physical health through outdoor activities, all in a peaceful setting.

I think I have said this before. Muar is a clean town, and the locals here take great care of it. Even the toilets are clean. You are required to take off your shoes before entering the toilets at Tanjung Emas.

These are some pictures I have taken over the years at these two places. Here are the Google Maps links to Tanjung Ketapang and Tanjung Emas. Make sure to visit them when you’re in Muar!

Kain Pasang Batik Alya Mustard (Noor Arfa)

The material used is Italian crepe, which feels as soft as silk. It features an abstract embroidery pattern, and the fabric is both soft and sweat-absorbent. Additionally, it is easy to iron, requiring minimal effort, and is resistant to wrinkles, making it durable. The fabric comes in bold colours and has a width of 60 inches. Made in Terengganu by Noor Arfa, a brand well-known for its high-quality batiks in Malaysia since 1980. Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash in a cloth bag; do not bleach or soak.

Tepak Sirih (Small)

Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, or any special celebration, our Tepak Sirih (Small) is an ideal choice to present your gifts with style and thoughtfulness. Use it as a charming egg holder for Malay wedding door gifts, or get creative and fill it with candies, small trinkets, or heartfelt notes to surprise your loved ones.

Labu Sayong - Mini with Floral Motifs (Red)

The perfect size also allows you to hold the heritage of Malaysian pottery-making in the palm of your hand. Available in a choice of red, green, and blue. Unique and thoughtful choice for weddings, housewarming gifts, or souvenirs.

Round Rattan Storage - Set of 3

Not only does our Round Rattan Storage provide practical storage solutions, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic of your space. Its natural, earthy tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the rattan material adds a touch of organic beauty.

Rattan Island Tray - Big

Use it to serve appetizers, drinks, or snacks at your next gathering, or simply as a decorative centerpiece. Easy to carry and durable enough to withstand regular use, the Rattan Island Tray is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Batik Sarung Velvet Blue Teal (Noor Arfa)

This luxurious Velvet FcMicro fabric comes in a soft pastel Blue Teal and features an exclusive floral pattern. Measuring 2 meters by 45 inches, it is perfect for making elegant skirts, stylish blouses, traditional kurung attire, and beautiful dresses. Made in Terengganu by Noor Arfa, a brand well-known for its high-quality batiks in Malaysia since 1980. Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash in a cloth bag; do not bleach or soak.

Lily Rose by Tiffin Jeiwa

This tiffin carrier from Tiffin Jeiwa features a beautiful hand-painted design. The waterproof and non-fading paint ensures that your carrier will look great for years to come. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the carrier is durable and easy to clean. You can even place it in the freezer or chiller, making it perfect for storing leftovers or packed lunches.

Three-Tiered Rattan Onion Rack

A must-have for any kitchen. Made from natural rattan material, this rack adds a touch of warmth and texture to your kitchen while providing practical storage space for onions.


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