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Cartoonist Sukun at Lorong Karat Muar

We were in Muar again and visited Lorong Karat, the same one we featured previously in a blog post. Believe it or not, we bumped into Sukun, the cartoonist famous for the Workshop series once upon a time.

We bought a comic from him, and he kindly autographed it for us. We took a few pictures together, including some selfies. Later, we exchanged numbers and did a quick written interview regarding his life as a cartoonist.

Sukun, whose real name is Md Hanafi bin Othman, began drawing in the 1990s while still in secondary school. His work has been published in well-known publications like GelihatiJenaka, and Ujang.

Unsurprisingly, Sukun turns out to be a Muarian himself. In 1992, he left Muar to pursue a career as a cartoonist in Kuala Lumpur. However, he returned to Muar in 2000.

Living back in Muar proved beneficial for his work. He said it was easier to find art supplies and send off his cartoons.

In 2020, Sukun embarked on a solo journey as a cartoonist. His first solo comic, titled Sukun-Jangan Tak Mandi, was a success. His second comic, Aku Dah Mandi, was published recently.

Learn more about his solo work and connect with Sukun directly through his Linktree.

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