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Kedai Perabot Rotan Yen Dong

By accident, we stumbled upon a rattan furniture shop in Tangkak. We went to Tangkak to get some coffee at DUO KOPI. On our way back, we saw this shop on our left. We parked the car near the shop, and I went inside.

Two uncles were at the shop, and it was lunch break. One uncle was eating at the back, and the other was at the counter with a cane. They looked like they were in their 60s. I talked to the uncle at the counter, and he was friendly and answered all my questions.

Newspaper clippings about the shop written in Chinese were hanging on the wall near the counter. There was also a beautifully drawn painting of the shop. I asked who the painter was, but I can’t recall right now. It was weeks ago.

The uncle said it was okay for me to take pictures of the shop, so I took some. He added that the workers were out for lunch and would be back soon if I wanted to take pictures of them hand-making their rattan products. Unfortunately, I was kind of rushing to go back to KL. I told uncle that I’ll be back soon to see them in action.

For those interested, here’s the Google Maps link to the shop. Although the sign at the shop is spelled differently—it says Yen Tong at the shop—Google Maps lists it as Yen Dong Rattan Furniture | 远东藤店 | Kedai Perabot Rotan Yen Dong. Do drop by if you’re in Tangkak.

We never really explored Tangkak. All our past visits to Tangkak were brief, and we only went for coffees at DUO KOPI. And that’s it. I think it’s about time we explored Tangkak. Are you from Tangkak? Kindly recommend any interesting places in Tangkak that you think we should visit.

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