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Laicikang and a Fun Day Out at Gunung Lang

We went on an outing to Ipoh with the family yesterday. 7 May 2023 to be exact. Our first stop was the Laicikang shop where our late father used to bring us when we were small.

My mother told me the name of this shop is Ah Seng, but I didn’t see it written down anywhere at the shop. Ah Seng is said to be the original founder of the shop. He was already old when my father brought us here many years ago. Now the shop is run by his son.

We ordered laicikang, ABC with ice cream, and nasi goreng ayam. They were all delicious, but the laicikang was especially good. It was unlike any other laicikang I had ever tasted in KL.

There was an old playground in the area. We brought our kids to play there before we departed. The trip to the Laicikang shop definitely brought back fond memories.

After that, we visited the Pavilion Petting Zoo at Gunung Lang. It was Ashraf’s first time there, and we didn’t know it existed until yesterday. Thanks to my sister, now we have more options where to go to bring our son for fun outdoor activities when in Ipoh.

Parking at the petting zoo was easy and spacious, with even an area for buses. Tickets were reasonably priced.

The petting zoo was surprisingly large, with a wide variety of animals to pet. Ashraf and our nephews and nieces had a great time at the petting zoo.

After the petting zoo, we went on a boat ride, which was also located at Gunung Lang, within walking distance. The boat took us to the other side of the lake.

The other side of the lake was surprisingly big and had many spots to take beautiful family pictures, which we did. There was a playground there, but it looked unkempt and dirty, so we decided to take a walk instead.

After exploring the entire area, we went to the jetty to wait for the boat back. There was a large crowd, but thankfully the boat was big enough to fit everyone.

We were all tired at the end of the day, but we had a great time. The kids loved it and had already reminded us to bring them back here again next time.

Overall, we had a great time at Gunung Lang. We will definitely come back again. We highly recommend visiting Gunung Lang if you are ever in Ipoh.

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