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Our Day at Kompleks Kraf KL’s Weekend Blast

This is a recap of our visit to Kompleks Kraf KL’s Weekend Blast event on 5th August 2023. Yesterday at the time of wriring. The event was organised in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia for the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia-KL Explore Race 2023.

The event offered a variety of activities, including Jualan Kraf, Craftganza (Do It Yourself), Permainan Rakyat, Pocket Show-Buskers, and Cuti-Cuti Malaysia KL Explore Race.

We began our day by exploring the museum, and our son Ashraf, who was already familiar with it, insisted on playing congkak with us.

Afterwards, we visited several booths, starting with Queen L Craft and Cwoks Batik Workshop. Queen L Craft showcased beautiful songket and batik fabrics, skilfully handcrafted into exquisite no-stitch patchwork creations. Each product was unique, featuring different designs of batik and songket.

Cwoks Batik Workshop offered various courses and activities for anyone interested in learning and enjoying the art of batik. From beginner to advanced levels, participants could learn how to draw, colour, and wax their own batik designs.

It was indeed a memorable day filled with art and family fun. We look forward to attending more events like this in the future!

Mengkuang Tote Bag Corak Satu - Variation One

This Mengkuang Tote Bag pairs well with any outfit, whether it's for work or a night out. It's the perfect statement piece that's guaranteed to turn heads.

Kain Batik Sarung - Variation Two (Corak Empat)

Arina Batik comes in a range of exclusive, beautiful, and modern colour combinations that are unique and contemporary. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of this beautiful and unique batik, made with high-quality materials and stunning design.

Ceramic Scented Candle Holder - Set of 3

Not just an object of beauty, but also a testament to the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Malaysia. By owning this piece, you not only bring home an exceptional work of art, but you also support the preservation of traditional artisanal skills.

Sarawak Batik with Pua Kumbu Motif - Corak Dua

Each piece of Sarawak batik with pua kumbu motif is unique and reflects the skill and artistry of the artisan who created it. By purchasing this fabric, you are not only acquiring a beautiful and functional item, but you are also supporting the preservation of traditional culture and craftsmanship.

Labu Sayong Corak Tiga - Medium (Set of 3)

Sourced directly from skilled artisans in the village of Sayong, Perak, these traditional water pitchers are handcrafted from fine clay soil. They feature a distinctive design with an earthy brown base colour and accents of green and red.

Labu Sayong Corak Empat - Medium

Handcrafted from fine clay soil by skilled artisans in the village of Sayong, Perak. Featuring a distinctive design with a natural earthy brown base colour. Practical yet also a visual treat. Perfect for adding a unique touch to your decor, whether you use it as a decorative piece or a household utensil.

Black Ceramic Mug

Our Black Ceramic Mug is inspired by the timeless artistry of labu sayong, a symbol of Malaysian craftsmanship. It's more than just a mug; it's a work of art created with the same passion and dedication as the iconic labu sayong.

Tudung Saji - Natural

Its simple and warm design adds a charming touch to your dining experience, making it perfect for any occasion. Shop now to enhance your kitchen accessories with this stylish option.


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