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Firing Labu Sayong, From Open Trenches to Gas Kilns

Firing is the process of heating labu sayong to a high temperature in order to harden the body of the clay and make it watertight.

Traditionally, labu sayong was fired in open trenches. This method was labor-intensive and time-consuming, and it also produced a lot of smoke and air pollution.

Today, labu sayong is fired in gas kilns. This method is much safer, cleaner, and more efficient. The kilns are heated to a temperature of 850 degrees Celsius, and the firing process takes about 10 hours.

There are several benefits to using gas kilns to fire labu sayong. First, gas kilns are more efficient than open fires. This means that they use less fuel and produce less pollution.

Second, gas kilns are more controllable than open fires. This means that the temperature inside the kiln can be more precisely regulated.

Third, gas kilns are safer than open fires. This is because there is no risk of the kiln catching fire.


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