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You Were More Than Just a Bookstore, Borders

I still can’t move on. I’ve mentioned this briefly before, but I still can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that Borders at The Curve has closed down for good.

I have so many memories of that bookstore. My first job after graduation was at Borders. I met many friends there over time, and we’re still friends today.

Soon after, I got married and started bringing my son there to buy books and toys. This was when Borders still had that upper floor. My son loved coming there.

It soon became our routine to go to Borders every weekend. We’d do reading alouds together and buy some books afterwards.

That simple yet profoundly beautiful human experience of ours somewhat tightened our relationship as a family. You won’t get this at the click of the “Buy Now” button on a website.

I know we can all buy books online these days, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of physically going to a brick-and-mortar bookstore, touching the books, and talking to loved ones about them right then and there.

Some pictures I’ve compiled over the years, taken at Borders at The Curve. Some were taken with my phone, and some with my camera.

Let’s just say this write-up is my proper goodbye to BORDERS Malaysia at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I’ll be missing you, and take care.

Sarawak Woven Bag - Corak Empat

We take pride in offering a product that is not only beautiful and practical but also ethically sourced. Sarawak Woven Bag is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sarawak, Malaysia, known for their intricate weaving techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Batik Sarung Velvet Dusty Pink (Noor Arfa)

This luxurious Velvet FcMicro fabric comes in a soft pastel Dusty Pink and features an exclusive floral pattern. Measuring 2 meters by 45 inches, it is perfect for making elegant skirts, stylish blouses, traditional kurung attire, and beautiful dresses. Made in Terengganu by Noor Arfa, a brand well-known for its high-quality batiks in Malaysia since 1980. Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash in a cloth bag; do not bleach or soak.

Labu Sayong Water Dispenser (3L)

Handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations by skilled artisans in the village of Sayong, Perak, this 3-litre dispenser embodies both artistry and practicality.

Labu Sayong Corak Dua - Small (Variation Two)

Are you looking for a unique gift that's perfect for weddings, door gifts, or souvenirs? Labu sayong corak satu are the perfect choice! The perfect size also allows you to hold the heritage of pottery-making in the palm of your hand.


Labu Sayong Corak Satu - Medium (Set of 3)

Sourced directly from skilled artisans in the village of Sayong, Perak, these traditional water pitchers are handcrafted from fine clay soil. They feature a distinctive design with an earthy brown base colour and accents of blue, red, and green.

Mengkuang Grande Tote - Dark Brown

The Mengkuang Grande Tote in Dark Brown is both sophisticated and classic. It pairs well with any outfit, whether it's for work or a night out. It's the perfect statement piece that's guaranteed to turn heads.

Ceramic Pen Holder - Red & Green

Made with the same techniques and materials used to create the famous labu sayong of Malaysia, this sleek and minimalist pen holder features a smooth finish that highlights the natural textures of the clay.

Batik Purse Pouch - Corak Tiga

A true embodiment of beauty and local craftsmanship, this charming Batik Purse Pouch is meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail. We're proud to say that this purse is 100% locally made, supporting local talent and businesses. This means your purse is unique and made with love.


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